The Daegu Citizens’ Gymnasium is a celebration of public life, at a time when rapid urbanisation and changing lifestyles make new forms of spatial engagement more important than ever. Accessibility is the key term. Since the first marketplaces and town squares, access to public space has defined citizenship. Therefore, the project should be judged by how it offers visibility, inclusiveness and support for the inhabitants of Daegu.

The proposal aims to be as porous as possible, both in terms of accessibility and appearance. We have aimed to define an ambiguous relationship between indoors and outdoors, what normally constitutes public and private.  It provides a climatic environment, accurately designed to perform in the specific climate of the site. Giving shelter from sun and rain in summer and protecting from northern winds while being exposed to the low sun in the winter, the building maximising the potential of inhabitation and usage of the outdoors public space. The garden and ground floor provides a range of spatial and climatic conditions to be programmed by the citizens, with the reinforcement of the infrastructure offered by the building.

The building is a simple monument, a gentle giant clear about what it is, and what it does. It is as environmentally pure as possible, responsive and responsible. The result is at once a solid landmark, a fixed point and strong sign, while remaining as unpredictable as the city itself.