The project is a rental-housing prototype located in central Stockholm. It aims to give form to contemporary Swedish society, where social reforms and welfare policies has allied the individual and the state against the traditional family. Unlike a master plan, the project presents itself as an urban strategy targeting the urban block of Stockholm, which in recent years has seen a return through the development of post-industrial areas and old office buildings. Always positioned at the corner, the project introduces the open block, inverting the corner of the block, sacrificing the courtyard for a public space. The building itself is very simple and can be understood as the meeting of two elements: a core and a slab. Stacked and sealed through interlocking elements, the building rises like an ancient column and can be adjusted in height according to its site.

With the aim to make collective life as voluntarily as possible, each individual is given a space in his or her own right.  All units are created equal and emerge from the spaces in-between the cores. This dialectic between solid and void, structure and space, creates different conditions within the room, avoiding the array of rooms. It offers an alternative to the house as a ‘lazy corner’ and instead of being a place to retreat, the house becomes a place of confrontation.